Ian Brennan talks making music with Khmer Rouge Survivors.

You can call it serendipity with the recent releases of my Spotify playlists that I caught up with my favourite world music show on BBC 6 Music presented by former welsh front woman of the brit pop band Catatonia the talented Cerys Matthews.

Her most recent show came from the WOMAD festival in which she had the opportunity to interview music producer Ian Brennan. Who works around the world with survivors of political  and racial atrocities. His work included engaging with survivors of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (where I'm currently based) a place where artists and academics where murdered. His collaboration included has seeking out singers and players such as the blind Kong Nai (“Cambodia’s Ray Charles”) alongside more obscure names like guitarist Soun San to produce the album 'They will kill you, If you cry' which The Guardian described: 

"The music is spartan, some of it filled with the sorrow of conflict and loss, some with familiar themes like I Hate My Husband Who Drinks. Slow and eerie, you might call it south-east Asian blues. A forgotten chapter in world music history."

You can listen to the 4 minute  interview here: