Viewing suggestion for the Weekend?

Today marks the day that in 1932 the Thai Constitution declared that the South East Asian country shall have a constitutional monarchy and ending hundreds of years of absolute Monarchy but rather celebrating the fact Thailands current Military Junta has decide to ban screenings of one of the most famous Charlie Chaplin Film 'The Great Dictator' - which if you remember was filmed, produced and released before the rise of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Facisim in Europe leading eventually to World War 2 and the loss of millions of lives.

It's part of a worrying trend - it was not long ago that the Thai Junta was keen to return Thailand back to the fold of Democracratic countries - mostly to shore up it's failing economy and falling tourist numbers but since the death of Rama X in October, the government in Bangkok has failed to implement a program to hold a vote but instead has prosecuted people within the country for Less Majesty and threaten internet service providers and international social media companies for  not removing content that it and a few people in influential positions disapprove of including the new king who spend most of his time in another country.

You can watch the film on YouTube for a small fee.

Its a powerful and important film and deserves to freely available around the world.