23. BEWARE TOURIST TRAP & Thank you for 2016

WELCOME TO LANKA ISLAND the exclusive playground of the wealthy elite and royalty.

AND ABSOLUTELY NO VANARA ALLOWED .... not even ones as white as HANUMAN. Fortunately he's able to hide amongst that curious group of strangers that are barely tolerated the world over: TOURISTS.

We get to tour of the sites of LANKA: The Sleeping Raksasa, The Temple of Dusk and treasures of KISHKINDHA.  ENJOY!

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Thank you for 2016

Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance had a troubled beginning back in 2008  when I envisaged the project as a complete graphic novel divided into the relevant number of chapters (or books) but with credit meltdown and the resulting austerity no publisher was interested in producing such an immense epic. Therefore I decided to produce it on my own, creating over 5000 pages of black and white artwork but  without a credit card or funding it got over whelming and after a failed fund raiser I took a break for 18 months volunteering at a UK arts centre.

With the advent of new technologies and reductions in costs of hosting I returned to Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance and restructured it into an all new and full color Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance releasing  it in 2016 as individual issues though still apart of larger whole.

But it is the support of my patrons that has given me the incentive to keep up releasing an issue every two weeks (with the exception of March) in 2016 which has helped me to get nearly to the half way mark of the Epic that is Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, though sometimes I wish I spent a little more time on each issue I know that with digital work flow I can return to pages and update them.


New website is under construction at ramyan.net and RAMAYANA: THE THREAD OF LUMINANCE BEAUTY PART 2 ESCAPE FOR THE SINGHS JAWS begins in JANUARY so making the start of 2017 exciting for all fans of the epic.

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23. ISSUE 2 WASTELAND OF DIVERSIONS Released! Hanuyana Issue 2 The Wasteland of Diversions

New Issue Hanuyana Issue 2 Wasteland of Diversions and the last one of 2016. Thank you to all my generous patrons on Patreon for helping me produce 23 issues this year. You've all been great.

you read this issue and the rest of Hanuyana



Hanuman has reached the Royal Island Lanka, where NO VANARA may tread. Fortunately Hanuman has found a way to sneak past the special discounts, sales, hawkers selling trinkets, the taxi drivers over clocking their meters and ladies promising good times.


He’s disguised himself as a tourist and got himself a tour guide: next stop the Grand Palace!

So that’s your lot of Hanuman’s private adventures, did he forget to put on a helmet for protection?


Well this is the last issue of 2016 and it ends on a cliff hanger. As someone forgot to inform Sita that the silver maned Vanara doesn't eat Falans?


A hooray to my patrons in supporting for ALL of 2016 helping me produce a solid 23 issues through all of the ups and downs. My pen digitiser is just holding together as soon I will hitting the important half way mark in early 2017!


I wish them a prosperous new year, they are listed here:

We return to Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance and Beauty Part 2; and take a small step back in time to find out about Sita’s continuing entrapment at the hands of Ravana. To Be Continued in 




22. Grab Your Water Wings & MYTHOMANIA

For the month of December Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance takes a well earned break so Hanuman takes up the slack in the inaugural two issue special that is HANUYANA.

Join Hanuman as he makes the journey across the polluted ocean that separates AYODHYA from the last place that SITA may be be held in: LANKA CITY home of RAVANA's Palace.

With only a bottle of water (and all the fish he can eat) Hanuman must avoid danger as he traverses, in 40 degree heat, between the remains of incomplete constructions that litter the strait.

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I've talked about this a few times on my Patreon Page and in previous emails but it seems that even that high brow newspaper of record has a caught up up with the rest of the world. In a recent article from the  25th November 2016 edition of the ECONOMIST, INDIA's current publishing trend of returning to its myths and legends such as the RAMAYANA and the MAHABHARATA for pleasure and entertainment and not just for religious interpretation was discussed; very much like what Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance is doing.

The article can be found at http://econ.st/2fdYxqm


I'd like to thank my supporters, fans and patrons for helping me bring this 22nd issue - whilst there's anothert issue to come in the final weeks of 2016 they'll be a big announcement regarding progress in a new website.

22. Beware Tourists!!

22. Hanuyana Issue 1 Voyage Across the Sea.

Welcome all to December and the end of 2016.

I hope you don't feel sea sick as we take a trip across the ocean that separates the mainland and the Island Lanka, which Hanuman is sure is the last place where Ravana could be hiding the Sita. But first he must navigate the seas and try not to get distracted by the unfriendly sea life that inhabits the depths.


Get your water wings and goggles as Hanuman stars in his own two issue series ‘HANUYANA’

Rama and Sita takes a mini break as we join Hanuman solo mission as he makes his way to Lanka - which happens to sit on it’s own island.

Read here on ramyan.net/Extra-Hanuyana

or http://on.fb.me/1QSHu6D

I hope you appreciate the break from the Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance and the chance to give one of the most popular characters of the Epic his own comic.


Hanuman is unique in having the same name in all parts of the world were the RAMAYANA is told so I thought it was time to give him the top billing on in his own book — well two issues anyway.


This and every issue is brought to you by the generosity of my patrons who have supported over 22 issues.

They are listed here:

Hanuyana Issue 1 patrons.png

Stretching his sea legs and arriving on Lanka, as all Vanara are banned from the Royal Island and the centre of the Raksasa people, Hanuman hides among the jaded and unsuspecting foreign tourists - as least he’s given complementary snacks and tea in ISSUE 2 WASTELAND OF DIVERSIONS