RAVANA's connection to Hollywoods Weinstein controversy


As I work during the day I listen live over the internet to Britain's TODAY program from BBC radio 4. It's an enjoyable mix of national and international news, politics, sport, business and arts that I usual ignore as I color and draw the latest issue of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance but todays THOUGHT FOR TODAY was a was little different.

One of it's well known features is 'THOUGHT FOR THE DAY' a short essay of thought from a representative of various religious thinkers and leader in the UK, they usual refer to commentary events in the news and popular culture. With Diwali on 18th/19th October this year away it was expected that a representative of the HINDU community and theologian Akhandadhi Das would mark the ceremony celebrated by 1+ Billion people around the world. But unexpectedly the contributor used the RAMAYANA to begin his story  and KING RAVANA intimidation of the heroine SITA to refer the recent and current events concerning the power of Hollywood producers HARVEY WEINSTEIN's alleged abuses of woman using his power to procure sexual favours and intimidate those that question his behaviour - destroying careers and withdrawing promises of money for projects that attempt to reveal his abhorrent behaviour.


The Akhandadhi Das refers to SITA determination to remain loyal to her chastity towards PRINCE RAMA no matter how many times RAVANA trie to tempt her with threats and his immense wealth and readers of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance will have to wait a few more weeks to find out how both RAVANA's and MR WEINSTEINs future plays out.