NATO demands for more diversity


Not that NATO - but America's National Association of Theatre Owners that operates cinemas across the worlds biggest and most influential film market in the world has called for more Diversity in content they screen.

This (unsurprisingly) comes after the continued success of 'Black Panther' in US and world-wide cinemas, but this demand as the article in Variety points out, is not a one off, Highlighting the success of 2017's Wonder Woman  - the first big budget studio filmed by a woman.  

There’s been a myth that movies starring women won’t appeal to teenage boys and that movies with black actors won’t appeal to overseas audiences. Films such as “Wonder Woman,” however, have been able to draw male and female ticket buyers in big numbers, while “Black Panther” has done an impressive $304 million overseas. Fithian hopes that the grosses will embolden studios to bankroll more movies with diverse casts and to champion stories with female and black protagonists.

Whilst these comments don't relate to my TV project, lobbyist for theatre exhibitors; John Fithian when on to say:

“We’d like to see this more and more and more. There should be a Latino superhero movie or an Asian superhero movie. The more you have different types of people in these movies, the more you appeal to different types of audiences.”

Whilst content producers in the TV market have different business models with risk shifted away from opening weekend ticket sales; they too have to realise the Black Panther Effect will have on content from all channels. 

Maybe it should be the Asian Game of Thrones but rather the Asian Black Panther