Prince Harry my Hero?

If you haven't guessed by reading Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance I’m staunch anti-monarchist and committed republican but this week I've been impressed no amazed by the courage by both UK’s Prince Harry and Wills comments about mental health and the importance of coming to terms with ones grief and anguish on the Telegraph podcast MAD WORLD from Byrony Gordon (iTunes link)

I have first hand knowledge of the pressures that have been imposed on me by other people, whilst all the time be called that it's been my choice.

NO one choses to have a mental health disorder, nor autism, or dyslexia it is wrong to berate and attack them for that.

I know for one that having Aspergers it takes me and people like me a little longer to verbalise our feelings, we may seem rude to other normal people (whatever they are) and thoughts and I often find myself bullied into believing that I am the evil one and everything's my fault. But we should be able to express our emotions and feelings just like everyone else and not accept and be the awful situation we find yourselves in.

Those People want us to be ashamed of who we are and try to control us using there own narrow view of the world. That world is the world of BREXIT and TRUMP one of overt and celebrate xenophobia and nationalism that bullies people into conformity.

The real heroism of Prince Harry and his brother is not that spoke of mental health at all but he used his position to question the received notion of how men (and people) can and should talk about their problems unlike his father and grandparents who stands aloft from society at large from the glided place at the centre of the establishment with the inherited privileges wealth. Though he will never know job insecurity or housing poverty that increasingly millions of Millennials  face around the world Harry Windsor became human, a complex human of many different experiences and hopefully a standard bearer for a generation of men ready to talk about their problems no matter if it other people uncomfortable.

The English Stiff upper lip as it called is was of the worst attitude the British have given to the world and it is the cause of, in the UK's particularly of Men not coming to terms with their emotions. We ave always been told to bottle up our emotions and put on exterior that hides our internal thoughts and feelings. This is bad advice and in a increasingly uncertain society that we live in now is driving men (partially those under 45) to suicide.

In these dark times we need more than ever to be around people that can work together and find solutions to the problems of this modern ages to hide from the them with just accepting that nothing can be done - this is how we have walked into BREXIT and TRUMP (and maybe Le Pen) we only do our selves and those who follow a disservice. I live in place in where people just accept their lives one in were their politicians and foreigners exploit their ignorance and poverty. 

We are better than this - if only we accept and understand what our limitations and find people to collaborate be they close to us or online are can leverage those ideas and feelings and create change.

Do not be cowed by those afraid of that future- it's them that has led us to the cliff edge.