Rider for Inclusion

Now that the excitement from the Oscars has died down. The dust has settled on any particular winner but on Best Female Performer Frances McDormand speech demanding more incision for women in Hollywood, prompting Best Director and Best Picture for the Shape of Water winner Guillermo del Toro  to also acknowledge the importance of alternative views and experiences in the film making process.

This comes at a crucial point in the culture Industries. Black Panther still after three weeks rules the box office globally and excitement in the first Female Doctor Who increases as th BBC releases, drip by drip more information that changes are happening in, the once (white) dominated creative industries (just to put in contrast to mark the return of a new series of the late Douglas Adams Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the producer and friend John Lloyd recounts in Don't Panic! It's The Douglas Adams Papers the inception of the first sci-fi comedy, but reveals how full of white and Oxbridge educated the BBC was in the 1970 and 1980s), this of course has come to the fore after the ongoing Harvey Weinstein allegations.

The British Film Institute in response to this has publishes 8 Principles  that the everyone seeking help from the UK government agency must abide to in producing their film of TV projects and that recognises and requires commitment to stop harassment and bullying in the work place among other things.

Arguably this mostly applied 'behind the camera' and doesn't address the lingering the problems of representation onscreen, such as genuinely making an effort (in and A North American contest) to represent the multicultural and diversity in speaking and background (eg crowd) players.

The University of California's Stacy Smith in her TED presentation looks at historic evidence in Hollywood shown in 2015 films to find that these are lacking in their representation of under represented groups. Coming up with a solution that production companies can sign up to called a 'An Inclusion Rider' for which Frances McDormand was referring to in after ceremony interviews.

So far Micheal B Jordon (and director of of Black Panther) Company Outlier Society Productions with his business partner Alana Mayo have said that their forthcoming productions will incorporate this Inclusion Rider in their anticipated future work. 

Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance Ltd by being based in the UK will agree to conform to the BFI 8 Principles in funding applications and use a version  of the Inclusion Rider (though considering the Asian centrality of the project that won't be hard)