Heroic Designs


readers of this blog may think I just listen to BBC podcasts but you'll be wrong - I do listen to a variety of comedy and story themed podcast from around the world. One of my favourites and oldest subscriptions is to the excellent podcast 99 Percent Invisible from Radiotopia and the genius Roman Mars. It covers architecture and design and in the latest episode looks at Film and TV Graphic Design and how it help (and even hinder) the production.

In a interview with Annie Atkins they discuss the difficulties and opportunities in building a world through a films production design and what graphic design can contribute in convincing audiences to suspend for the duration of the production to believe that the characters and events inhabit its own world.

I know from my experienced developing Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance digital comic that I attempted to build a world whilst recognisably Asian must almost be unique for the characters to inhabit.

You can listen and read an article accompanying this fascinating interview here