22. Beware Tourists!!

22. Hanuyana Issue 1 Voyage Across the Sea.

Welcome all to December and the end of 2016.

I hope you don't feel sea sick as we take a trip across the ocean that separates the mainland and the Island Lanka, which Hanuman is sure is the last place where Ravana could be hiding the Sita. But first he must navigate the seas and try not to get distracted by the unfriendly sea life that inhabits the depths.


Get your water wings and goggles as Hanuman stars in his own two issue series ‘HANUYANA’

Rama and Sita takes a mini break as we join Hanuman solo mission as he makes his way to Lanka - which happens to sit on it’s own island.

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I hope you appreciate the break from the Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance and the chance to give one of the most popular characters of the Epic his own comic.


Hanuman is unique in having the same name in all parts of the world were the RAMAYANA is told so I thought it was time to give him the top billing on in his own book — well two issues anyway.


This and every issue is brought to you by the generosity of my patrons who have supported over 22 issues.

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Stretching his sea legs and arriving on Lanka, as all Vanara are banned from the Royal Island and the centre of the Raksasa people, Hanuman hides among the jaded and unsuspecting foreign tourists - as least he’s given complementary snacks and tea in ISSUE 2 WASTELAND OF DIVERSIONS