Hanuman guest appearance on Last nights Doctor Who


I was already looking foreward to the latest episode of Doctor Who which stars the fist female incarnation of theTime Lord played by the uber-talented Jodie Whittaker and a fresh behind the scenes team led by Broadchurch and Torchwood show runner Chris Chibnall, who earlier this year announced that the writers and the directors of the upcoming series would be the most diverse in the shows 55-year old history.

Alongside acclaimed children author and children laureate Malorie Blackman was the screen and theatre writer Vinay Patel both becoming the first and second (respectively) BAME on Doctor Who.

I was already looking forward to the new series and the positivity that a change in the lead characters gender has brung to the series new time slot on Sunday evenings and with all episodes so far being strong on themes of social justice and inclusion was expecting the same level of cultural and racial sensitivity even with a title like ‘The Demons of the Punjab’.

The episode did not fail bringing the character of Yaz played by Mandip Gill shared family history to the fore with the tumult of Partition in the background the story with handled deftly drawing on his own research to bring with Ms Blackmans previous episode ‘Rosa’ a story that in the context of Doctor Who and sci-fi fantasy Television ability to deal with a tricky subject matter that can be all too personally for people long denied representation of themselves and their history on mainstream media in Europe and North America.

Oh and a nice touch from the author to include Hanuman in the form of an amulet worn by a characters murdered brother to represent courage, loyalty and bravery.