In response to Diversity is the Winner in ACE's new Round of Funding

In response to the article in the Guardian Diversity is the real winner in ACE's new round of funding:

I hate to be a cassandra but the Arts Council of England and the venues pay only limited lip service to Diversity and its true potential. Sure there some truly ambiguous small performance spaces (dance and theatre) but the medium to large organisations are largely unrepresentative of the communities they serve. I've volunteered in the development office of one in the south west (and even wrote a report on diversity for senior management team) but I saw no action om the issue even with ACE making Diversity one of it's key four priorities in regard to funding. Organisations and there major stakeholders( e.g Local Government Authorises)  continuously  fail in employing people of different backgrounds (not just as gallery assistant and invigialtors but actual contracted staff) representing the ambitions and interests in their programs and communicating their relevance beyond the middle income middle aged and I'll say it white people who sign up to emails and membership and who have undue representation on trustee boards. There are and have been successful example to engage those communities but such initiatives lack the support from ACE and LGA to scale up their programs (something London based organisations are very good at having their market on their doorstep) and ACE obsession with funding small startups which receive a cash injection but fail immediately once the funding is withdrawn without a proper framework in place (usually from their LGA) to establish a presence and the confidence to develop a fund mechanism - North America as ever provides the entrepreneurship inspiration in developing platforms like patreon,kickstarter that Arts Organisation in the age of the smartphone and millennials should and could leverage for their futures.