Dangal - an Inspiring Indian Blockbuster

Whilst I've been on holiday in the UK I have had the opportunity to catch up with a few must see films that on my 'to-watch' list.

One includes tis gem from India, Aamir Khan produced and starring DANGAL (2016) (which translates to  Wrestling Competition in english). Whilst at 2 hours and 40 minutes the film manages to side step most of the tropes of Bollywood and stick to the story of Mahivar Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita as he takes his daughter destiny in his own hands and trains them into international medal winning female wrestlers. Firstly battling the expectations of his wife and his local community to get his daughters choose an alternative life to being a young bride and then against the established powers of Indian sporting authorises to finally see his daughter Geeta triumph at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The film is never boring even over it's long runtime using original music and voice over from their admiring male cousin to describe the progress of the girls and eventually young woman training. I can see why the film resonated with so many this is a story of aspiration and ambition for the Mahivar and his daughter against the low ambition of his compatriots who are satisfied with bronze.

Much to the surprise of world Dangal has become the high grossing non-hollywood film in China. Imagine the story of a family loyalty and faith in the girls future against the modernising and rapidly developing country that is also happening the Asian Contingent  resonates with a large audience tired with CGI Hollywood blockbusters and lacklustre home ground  entertainment making Aamir Khan one of the most recognisable non-Han film star.

I highly recommend this film - in-particular if you have daughter, nieces considering opportunities to the norm 8/10