Crash Course #27 The Ramayana

!!!!!! Its finally arrived - promised in the opening credits of Crash Course Mythology and after 26 episode host Mike Rugetta and Crash Course have gotten around to looking at one of the greatest and influential 'myths' (well I would say that) The Ramayana and how it compares to Joseph Campbells Hero's Journey and That maybe Rama may not be the hero! 

Starting here  Host Mike Rugetta considers that Rama my not be the only hero of the Ramayana but looks at the heroism of Sita and Hanuman and their trails of heroism. Whilst Rama exhibits the masculine determinism of JC Heroes Journey but also in the context of the larger Hindu context, it is Sita whose virtue to her husband and resistance to Ravana's amorous intentions and constant refusal are determined by scholars as heroic.