Hanuman in Marvel's Black Panther?

the leader of the Jubari tribe M'baku played by Winston Duke

the leader of the Jubari tribe M'baku played by Winston Duke

It's been a few days since I've seen Marvels Black Panther - the first super hero film since last years Logan - honestly I've grown quite tired of super hero films on the silver screen but I made the exception on Lunar New Year Weekend here in South East Asia.

Surprisingly the film had compete with not one but two Chinese films capitalising on the weekends celebration with Monkey King 3 and Monster Hunt 2 -  I was still lucky to get tickets alongside a predominately asian audience mostly accompanying children who have gown up on Marvels previous offerings.

People worrying about local interest mustn't forget that the film partially takes place in Seoul, South Korea before spending the majority of the action in the fictional country of Wakanda home to the Black Panther and his cohort of warrior woman.

Though this post isn't a review (It was unapologetically great btw) I was not expecting a brief reference to HANUMAN from the outcasts from the riches of Wakandan society (and, spoilers, allies to our heroes in the finale) Unlike the T'Challa who takes the moniker of the Black Panther God the embodiment of extraterrestrial vibranium that powers and enriches the peoples of Wakanda, the leader of the Jubari tribe (pictured above) who follow Gherke or White Gorilla God, Mbaku calls out Hanuman to provide him with the strength to help me beat the Black Panther in a contest to be king of Wakanda.

To be honest at the time I thought I miss heard and that from my position of middle right seat  sound system scramble the line and that being in South East Asia and spending my time developing the story that Hanuman appears prodomenally in, I was overtly sensitive to things that sound similar to the white monkey god and as there was no more references I ignored until I caught the discussion on Root.com.

A quick search on the 'net noted that India's Central Bureau of Film Classification (CBFC) did in fact censor and mute the line for audiences in India.  (you read the story here)

...So it wasn't just me