50. An Array of Knots Issue 2 Deciphering the Instructions

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The Palace is in ruins, burnt down by the arrows of RAMA. HANUMAN has fled with SITA away from the clutches of RAVANA and the rest of his family.

RAMA, LAKSMAN and BHARATA gather with the rest of the VANARA who have come from across the country of AYODHYA to celebrate their new found freedom. But does anyone have a solution to how they and the rest of the new citizenry of AYODHYA will use that freedom?


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Here it is the final issue and part 50 of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. As 2017 draws to a close and with the help of my Patrons I have completed what seemed an insurmountable task of creating and completing this interpretation of the ancient story the RAMAYANA.

It started as mere reference to a small illustration on a thai bank note, which can be found on ramyan.net/inspiration, and led to a group of paintings and the peculiar need to give those children names plus a chance viewing of an exhibition of RAMAYANA Love and Valour in India’s Great Epic at the British Library in 2008 which inspired me to at first create 5000 pages of black and white digital drawings which were finally edited and had dialogue added and then develop a coherent project which I’ve been able to finish over two years.

There have been many trials and tribulations to get here, including struggling with coming to terms with Aspergers, as well as my dyslexia (thanks Dad), irregular employment and near homelessness a few times; not to mention living in places ill suited for someone of my mental health. But I have managed to visit some amazing places and meet friendly and creative people.

And of course the contributions and encouragement of my patrons (on Patreon and by other means), friends and family have all helped.

Those that have helped via Patreon are listed here: