48. Holding Arms

Ramayana The Thread of Luminace WAR Part 2 Issue 7_003 HiRes copy.png

Here it is RAMA hero of AYODHYA face-to-face with KING RAVANA of LANKA in a Battle Royale.

No Vanara, Falan or Raksasa shall stand in between these two mortal enemies. It has all come down to this. Missiles shall be unleashed, so duck your heads and don't try to intervene between these enemies as they fight for the future of LANKA, KISHKINDHA and AYODHYA in this the finale of all out War.


Ramayana The Thread of Luminace WAR Part 2 Issue 7_053 HiRes copy.png

There it is; after an extra special double length issue of 48 pages of excitement and action, Book 6 comes to a close in the centre of LANKA CITY as Rama releases his final missile on the Evil King.

Thanks goes out to all my patrons for helping me to draw to a close this long long sixth book. War is the longest chapter of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance taking a full 13 issues over the summer to complete.

They are:


There's still two issues more to go as Sita and Hanuman still have to escape the Raksasa Palace alive and our heroes have to decide what the future holds in the final chapter and ARRAY OF KNOTS Issue 1: Drawing up the Designs