Supreme in the air. 

With Rama, Hanuman and Sugriva thought to be dead, the resistance is finally crushed and Prince Indirjit seated in his command helicopter can continue to bring down hellfire and retribution on the Vanara horde below, as they flee from the streets of Lanka like the apes they are.

It is time for those who have kept in the shadows of their kin to step forward and strike back - but with what?


I’d like to say that no pigeons or poodles were harmed in the making of this comic, but I’d be lying. I had the inspiration first for the helicopter attack from the actual Ramayana, when during “War” Indrijit boards an invisible flying chariot and strikes and wounds both Rama and Laksman. Whilst even today invisible flying chariots do not yet exist, helicopters do giving their pilots and their commanders control over the skies in urban area where jet planes would be prohibitive. Secondly the use of birds to down Indrijit; this came from the same sequence in the ancient epic, the god Garuda descends first curing Rama and Laksman of the snake venom and then as a stead of Rama to defeat the invisible Prince of Darkness in what today would be a superhero team-up. In my version I gave that role to Laksman and a flock of urban pigeons, which I think is as equally effective.

I’d like to thank my patrons in helping me create this constitutional crisis they are…


With Crown Prince Indrijit dead and Hanuman returned to the Vanara, Rama and Sugriva continue to make their way towards the besieged Palace where King Ravana assembles his forces for a final show down with THE 7th WARRIOR