Beware the skies.

Rama and Sugriva lead the Vanara closer and closer to and increasingly desperate RAVANA. But fortunately for the King his immediate family are close and willing to engage those interlopers who dare distract him from his marriage.

A de-powered RAMA and his brother LAKSMAN must be careful with every step they make towards the Palace as the sky contains Ravana’s destructive power.


It seems that someone (apart from me) is trying to kill our heroes on a regular basis.

This is another interpretation from the ancient Ramayana where INDRIJIT boards invisible flying chariots to strike down Rama and LAKSMAN, whilst I can't draw invisible chariots I thought of using a highly manoeuvrable helicopter squadron to cause trouble for the Vanara and the rest of our heroes.

Thanks to my loyal patrons in helping me reach new heights they are:


Indrijit continued to rain down hell fire from the safety of his personal attack helicopter - even the military are caught in the cross fire as the Vanara beat another retreat from the horror of missile attacks whilst Sita seeks a friend within the walls of the Palace in Garuda’s Talons