A strange shadow stalks the streets of Lanka, a deathly shade of a terrifying Vanara which is taking down battalions all by himself, but in the meantime the troops of his majesty King Ravana have the to repel the emboldened Vanara who no longer want to talk, but are baying for Raksasa blood.


Apologies to those who are still deeply effected by the events of 9/11 in New York. I cribbed the inspiration for the KUMBHAKARNA’s devastation at the hands of the Vanara from photos of the tragic event. Whilst most of the inspiration of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance comes from South East Asia I thought it appropriate to approximate the destruction to those terrorist attacks. I was in Asia on September 11 2001 and Bangkok is exactly 12 hours ahead of NYC so what is morning there it is evening in the Thai metropolis. Pictures relayed around the world simultaneously thanks to my new discovery of cable 24 news meant I saw the world changing events in-between cheap action movies which were broadcast in the evenings.

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The final push for Vanara who continue their assault on Ravana’s forces as they make their way towards the palace no matter what the cost, but is anyone looking up towards the sky? Find out what the heavens hold for our heroes in RAHU’S CHARIOTS