A Giant war machine built in the furnaces of hell strides the streets of LANKA causing untold destruction in its path. Its destination: SUGRIVA and the remnants of Vanara that haveregrouped next to the Constitution Monument of Ayodhya.

A monument that preserves the rights of every subject of Ayodhya against tyranny

Something that RAVANA has no qualms about destroying. 


Phew! What destruction and the loss of life to many Vanara that Giant machine caused. Thankfully Sugriva put a stop to it and redeemed himself in the eyes of his people, thus stepping out of his brother Valin’s shadow. We all have to grow up some day, though I hope by not bring the heavens falling down!

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The tables turn again and the Vanara are emboldened to take on the militia of Ravana’s army. NO side is taking prisoners and Rama and Laksman rejoin a vengeful SUGRIVA as he sits upon his new throne in SOUVENIRS OF CONFLICT