36. Call to Arms

RAMA and the hordes of Vanara have made it across the straits and the bones of the former protestors to the streets of LANKA CITY, ready for a final push to take on the despotic KING RAVANA in this jewel of a city and to demand their rights and free SITA.

But where is everyone? Only a few police officers in riot gear to greet them! It seems that Ravana is less concerned with these uninvited guests than with his jewels and far bigger plans further afield.

Demonstrations seem to be all the rage today, but when I conceived this final book in 2008 strikes and protests were less in the news, but in the last decade the number of demonstrations have escalated in every corner of the world. This first part of Book 6 I drew from experiences in Bangkok in 2010 when fed up thais took to the capital to voice their displeasure at the then military government.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose // The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.

I’d like to thank my patrons in bringing this the start of Book 6 to fruition; they are: 


The darkness falls on the first evening of the Vanara occupation of LANKA CITY but that does not mean they are catching up on sleep but rather SUGRIVA and RAMA submit their manifesto to the population of AYDOHYA in … Children of the Revolution