Mapping Valimiki's Ramayana

Mapping popularity_map.png

I've been recently doing a lot of research in regard to developing the project Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, reading what seems to be articles on media (be that TV, FIlm, Art etc) and it's connection to its audience(s). No single piece of  exists in a vacuum but in relation to what has come before, in the present and the future; it literally becomes a part of the very fabric of the culture of the people, communities, and society that consumes it through a variety of traditional art forms such as Muay Thai (Kick Boxing), and if it is considered exemplary becomes iconic of its country lasting many years after the death of its creator(s).

That what makes the Ramayana so special for billion of people around the world whilst appearing over 2500 years ago (or thereabouts) the epic story fo Rama and Co has broken free of the small part of India from which it originated to spread firstly over the continent of India and then vai traders and fisherpeople across the oceans to what we call South East Asia were even under pressure of differing religious practices remained an important and intertgral part of those countires until globalisation arrived in the late 20th Century and either through war,famine or just oppoortunity travelled abraod, these émigrés from those Asain Countries took the Ramayana and characters to countries where the story is still relatively unknown.

But that is changing quickly with mass tourism, modern communications and the rise of Asian Studies in University across the world as the region receive unprecedented growth and development. This brings to the Ramayana a new audience through at first traditional demonstrations of artforms whilst on travel to the Asia Pacific Region, and as people in those countries exchange and develops ideas and experiences using contemporary artforms borrowed from the west that have appeared over the last century. 

This illustration or map demostrates that the RAmayana is stil la fertile ground of inspiration as I hope to develop it into a Television series.

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