41. Things Fall Apart


His majesty King Ravana has finally agreed to use the Royal Raksasa Army to deal with the rebels and has sent his crack troops into the Vanara encampment at the centre of LANKA CITY.

Many Vanara lay dead and even more are captured charged with crimes that can only lead to execution or life imprisonment; to be decided by his majesty’s twisted will when the world’s attentions has turned away from his troubles and to new ones abroad.

But hang on, among none of the captives are the leaders of this insulting resistance to Ravana’s divine authority.

There will be consequences for all.

I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese Giant Robots, or Mecha as they are more commonly called, and, whilst the original Ramayana does not feature much in the way of technology, I thought whilst updating this epic I’d add my own contemporary interpretation, mechanising the sleeping giant KUMBHAKARNA. My monster is made out of various silhouettes of construction machinery that have become all too common in a rapidly developing Asia signalling the inequality of those unable to afford a home in Asia’s mega cities.

Thanks to my Patrons in bringing this last part of War Part 1 to its cliff hanging finale; I assure you all will be concluded in the final part of WAR.

They are:


HANUMAN dead, Rama has lost his powers and a giant robot looms over the remnants of the VANARA as Ravana continues to squeeze those that oppose him as he prepares for his wedding with SITA in the the final book of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance in the next issue.