Controversial References to Indonesian Politics in X-Men Gold

promotional artwork from Marvels X-Men Gold by Ardian Syaf

promotional artwork from Marvels X-Men Gold by Ardian Syaf

Reacting to the news that the freelance Indonesian Illustrator Ardian Syaf in his job as pencil Artis for the first issue of Marvels X-Men Gold has inserted references to the long going controversy concerning the re-election of Non Muslim and Chinese major of Jakarta calling for his removal asa many Muslim Indonesian believe that they should only be led by a fellow muslim. 

The article on goes into more detail and a history of the issues. But as I in the Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance tackle issues such as denying the democracy right of millions and the privileges of those in power in a nation not far from Indonesia I feel that I must reflect and comment. 

I don not feel that is it alright no matter what the cause for a hired artist to place his or her personal politics in another works with out permission or knowledge from their employers. If they want make a statement they should use there own work to so (like I'm doing) and put their opinions to the fore and be honest with the readers and in my case supporters to describe here on's blog my intention.

IN the future, when the project Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance comes to an end I'll be posting lengthy summaries describing critical points in my work and how they relate to its intended topic.