Ravana and his royal family make a show of unity in front of the adoring masses of Lanka City whilst Sita continues her artistic resistance within the Palaces walls and Hanuman learns of a mysterious figure helping provide medical assistance to the camp.

But even she has limited resources to fight the poisoning of Rama and Laksman.

Hanuman must make a brave decision to secure the fates of our heroes.


I have to hold my hands up in surrender - throughout my interpretation of the Ramayana I have tried to modernise and bring up to date iconic scenes of this epic. But I’m sorry to ignore one of the best - in which our hero Hanuman retrieves the valuable herb that cures the incapacitated Rama and Laksman from the Himalayas going so far as tearing off the peak of the mountain and flying it too Lanka. 

In the beginning I plotted a rather lengthy side story with Hanuman booking a cheap flight to the roof of the world and getting stopped at immigration - an increasing occurrence for those travelling from marginally poorer countries to marginally richer ones. Though humorous illustration of our unequal and suspicious world and accurate in a round about sort of way I felt that it detracted from the flow of MY interpretation - sometimes reality gets in the way.

Thanks to those very real patrons and supporters who help in my efforts of coming up with the world of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, they are:


Hanuman is the hero of the day having retrieved the valuable and rare Vislaya Herb from the King's private Garden, but the celebrations will be brief as Ravana takes control away from the inept Police and hands it too the deadly special forces.