The Vanara bring chaos to the streets of LANKA CITY, blockading major government offices and important places with a festival of disobedience and democracy. All organised within the Vanara compound by RAMA and SUGRIVA.

HANUMAN and LAKSMAN find their own ways to show their own resistance whilst SITA and RAVANA watches all the action from the safety of the Palace.

What are the RAKSASA waiting for?


There’s a few references I’d like to point out in this Issue, both on page 9; the first is in the song quoted by the Vanara it refers to a sequence in the Ramayana where Dasaratha’s spirit visits Sita whilst she is in the Phalguni river and he asks for Pindam (the Hindu ritual of offering rice to the dead) having no rice she offers sand instead which Rama’s father refused. Sita cursed the river to dry up.

Second whenthe Vanara drops the heavy water bottle this is a personal reference to to an old family friend of mine, not with blood fortunately, but with a catering sized bottle of ketchup. An experience so horrifying that he hasn’t had ketchup since we were twelve.

I hope you enjoy this issue as events depicted here actually happened - firstly Thai protesters protesting against the prime minister and grounding to a halt Bangkok international airport back in 2005 and when Thai demonstrators in 2010 cursed Government house with their own blood whilst international broadcaster showed images of the demonstrations around the world.

Thank you to my Patrons in bringing these images in this mighty epic called Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, they are:

POISONED! The compound and those Vanara along with RAMA and LAKSMAN have been immobilised leaving the compound open to the RAKSASA and their security forces. IS THERE A CURE and CAN IT BE PROCURED IN TIME? Find out in RISE OF THE ROBOTS