Bones and Memories in the art of Jitish Kallat


I was taken a back briefly when I saw this excellent artwork of Jitish Kallat on BBC News website of a auto rickashaw created out of bones and was reminded instanstly of my interpretation of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance  in particular of the upcoming BOOK 5 Bridge where Rama  and the Vanara discover underneath the sand a cavern of sketal remains of the deceased protestors of countless demonstrations against King Ravana's rule.

Whilst in orginal story Nala the architect builds the causeway with stones spectatular as the feat is I thought of adding the additional horror of having the Vanara and out heroes exhume the remains of the dead and use the bones are the material to built the causeway.

This was a reference to the Serbian artist Marina Abramović performance Balkan Baroque, where she hand scrubbed cattle bones in response to the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and what is now the former Yuloslava in the 1990s.

Like her, Kallat  using skeletal  structures to refernece the tragedy in the Indian sfate of Guarat when Hindu went onto a massacre of muslims at the shrine in modern day Ayodhya  where the palace of Rama is located and is holy to millions of Hindus.

Though I've avoided that incident in my work I used the imagery of Vanara digging and reusing the bones as material for the causeway to refer to the past tragerdies real and imagine the use in aiding the Vanara to envoke the violent actions of past and warn against of future barbarity that will enfold in Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance final Books.