From the Phnom Penh Post: The Monkey God’s last dance: Bidding a Lakhon Khol master farewell

Over the weekend I was saddened to hear of the death of Yit Sarin the master of Khmer Dance and a survivor of the Khmer Rouge. All dance is based on the Cambodian (and Buddhist) interpretation of the Ramayana, specially the interactions of characters whom all have a distinctive style. Yit Sarin one the oldest surviving member and as I mention before a survivor    of Pol Pots abhorrent experiment that came close to destroying the country and the culture of Cambodia.

One thing that everybody visiting the small south East Asian kingdom must do along with vast the temples at Angkor is enjoy a traditional performance of khmer dance - which is reconciled Asia living art form by the United Nations. It was Yit Sarin hard work until his death that help preserve this tradition. The article in the Phnom Penh Post goes into more detail and acknowledges his life time achievement placing his contribution in the greater context of Cambodian Natioanl and cultural reconstruction. I was pretty impressed that in his twilight years he sought to preserve the dance techniques in illustrations (see above) so that future generation will be able to continue his and Cambodia's art form and add to the tapestry of interpretations of the Ramayana.

Thank you Yit Sarin