The ultimate humiliation for every freedom loving Vanara and you’ll find no more freedom loving Vanara than Hanuman.

And the interrogator: KING RAVANA himself!!!

Sita does her best to remain calm remembering the last time an animal was found chained in the Asoke Grove.

I hope you enjoyed your visits to the past. I thought it best to discover more about RAMA’s and LAKSMAN’s parents lives in Kishkindha which until now have been alluded to in previous Books. Over the remaining issues in Beauty Part 2 you’ll recognise things that will have an impact on the events happening in Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance right now.

Torture continues. The stoic Hanuman continues to refuse to break at the feet off Ravana as Sita reveals the history of Ayodhya to his Majesty in…Guidance from the Throne.