A lot of things are built on disagreements.

They’re called compromises and this meeting is no different with the exception that it meets only every thousand years and invitees are very bloody important people (V.B.I.P. In fact they are god like and assembled after the events of Hanuman's rampage through what remains of Lanka city.

But unlike most meetings where people waste time discussing profit and loss of a company's bottom line this is meeting is about an awesome strategy that has the entire future of the universe in the balance.

And a compromise may not be good enough.


Thank you Thank you for bringing this the start of the fifth book, Bridge and the thirtieth issue of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance into being. It was interesting for this issue to draw somebody other than Rama and Co. In more conservative tellings of the Ramayana in India this sequence happens right at the beginning (of time, actually).

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Back to the Palace and it’s not only the assembled gods that have been summoned to a meeting, but this time it’s The Royal Raksasa Government who have been tasked with the solution of finding a solution to the King's increasing paranoia in… DIAGRAM OF INTENTION