Rama and Laksman kidnapped!

But none of the Vanara seem to have noticed as they are harangued into building the immense causeway that will link Ayodya to Lanka island (something that not even world leading construction companies can do.) They toil away under the supervision of Boss Sugriva and the architect Nala so not even a seagull can distract them from their work.

Fortunately someone has noticed and is on the tail of Ravana’s spies, the Silver Vanara: Hanuman.

Hopefully he’ll be able track down the school boys and not have had to travel such a distance only to be foiled at the last hurdle.


That’s the fifth Book, Bridge, finished and Rama and Laksman are on their way to Lanka City over the causeway. 7-tenths of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance have now been completed. In my interpretation I have covered some epic scenes and events which are important throughout Asia; the golden deer, the Vanara’s great search, Valin’s battle with the Daemon Bull and now the Great causeway built by the Vanara with Rama next to Hanuman.

And there is lot more to come in the last Book: WAR. I’d like to thank my patrons who are listed here:


Rama and the horde of Vanara finally reach the streets of Lanka City after what seems like a long adventure from the jungles of Kishkindha to the cradle of Raksasa power. Are the people of Lanka prepared for the disruption to their daily lives? Find out in…Book 6 Part 1 WAR Issue 1 CALL TO ARMS