Beneath the waves

The oceans are shared by the strangest creatures as many seafarers will attest to, including none other than Sovaan Malacca whose name & statue adorns the local port town. 

As many a sailor and passenger has lost their lives to the mythological queen of the depths. A reluctant Hanuman whom until now has been so stout in his bravery reveals to Rama and Laksman what happened after the events on Lanka where he was overcome with rage and torment.

So sit back (in a dry and warm place) and enjoy the tale of Hanuman’s adventure 50 leagues under the waves. 


You’ll not find this story with Sovaan Malacca, the mermaid, in the Indian version of Ramayana, but I thought I’d include it, as it gives me the opportunity to place it inside the tradition of the South East Asian version when many fisherman working the Andaman Sea, Malaca Strait and Thai Gulf would have listened tothe events of Valimiki’s Ramayana interwoven with local legends of dangerous (yet attractive) sirens.

I give thanks to my patrons who have made it possible for me to include this watery tale in my version Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, they are:


Rama and Laksman unconscious? and who are those two badly disguised Vanara? Are they working for the Raksasa intelligence forces? What could be happening to our heroes, find out in the exciting conclusion to Book 5 Bridge issue 6 : TEST FOR TENSION