The smell of sea air as our heroes make a return trip to the beach.

This time the Vanara are more numerous as Lanka is in sigh andRama and Laksman are joining them. After an entertaining evening at Pampa bar, everyone's in need of a bit of rest and relaxation by the calming ocean with Lanka on the horizon.

And whilst it took Hanuman all his strength to navigate across the strait by himself, there are many more Vanara who wish to demand their freedom from Ravana, and discover what lies buried beneath the sand that Tara, wife of Valin, believes could be source of the hauntings?

Is this a dead end for Rama’s and Laksman's mission to rescue their friend Sita?


That's officially the end of both the 33rd issue AND two thirds of the Ramayana The Thread of Luminance completed. So I thought everyone deserved another trip to the beach with all of Hanuman's fellow Vanaras.

Very soon we'll be getting close to the final books. I'd like to thank my wonderful patrons whom all deserve a holiday relaxing by the beach with copies of this very project to entertain them.

They are:


Rama has instructions from the God of the Ocean to enlist the help of Nara, architect of the Vanara whose accompanied them on the journey to free Sita. They must build a bridge of some sort, but what material will use? Not the startling discovery buried in those concrete caskets. Find out in… ARCHING THE SPAN