Time for drink I feel.

So sit back and pop open an age appropriate beverage and welcome to Sovaan City and its famous Mermaid statue.

After hours in the back of a pick up truck, picking up hundreds of Vanara along the way, Sugriva believes that they’ve earned a refreshing break hosted by the radiant blonde bar girl Annika at Pampa bar for tired travellers and fisherman.

Also an old but familiar flame of Annika’s is propping up the bar.


Phew I’d thought we’d seen the last of Hanuman, but there he was all the time and apart from some hinged hair and battered ego he’s okay, well let's hope so.

Thanks you for joining me in this the 32nd Issue of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance - it’s been a joy to finally incorporate another image that I’ve had knocking around for almost a decade but never drew, I was always meaning to, but found it too frivolous, until now.

So I’m grateful to my patrons and supporters in letting me finally get around to re-visioning Pampa Spa/Bar for the 21st Century. They are:


A trip to the beach is in order right where Tara and Angada found Hanuman washed up from his incursion to Lanka City. It’s the closest they are are going to get Lanka unless someone is really good at building sand castles in… VOUSSOIR