The prime minister and his government have been assembled before his majesty King Ravana to come up with a solution to his majesty's concerns that democracy may not be working with countless reports that the Vanara are running amok due to the belief that their saviour and legend the 7th warrior is real.

Will the Prime Minister and half brother, the slippery Vibhisana convince his regent that a civilian government is still able to keep the country from plunging into war?

Only Sita isn't convinced?


Ahh the last few pages, quite exiting; yes? I've been looking forward to adding them to Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance for quite awhile and maybe the kernel of the inspiration of the entire project. You see back in 2006, a few years before I start doodling my first Hanuman there was military coup d’etat in which a taxi driver rammed his vehicle into one of the tanks outside Bangkok's government house in protest - at the time I was working on my Taxi project looking for a meaning and though I managed to sell them, it planted the seed of an idea for using the ancient epic the Ramayana.

I’d like to thank those hard working and loyal labours my patrons listed below for helping me in this piece of satire:


We catch up with Rama and Laksman and their caravan which has been slowly making it’s way down from Kishkindha to rendezvous with what remains of Hanuman's group in… FOUNDATION of PROSPECTS