29. Sacrifice for the National Interest



This is an official state of emergency called on behalf the Royal Government of Ayodhya. We requite your complete attention for your safety.

All residents and visitors of Lanka City, home of the royal throne of King Ravana X must seek cover immediately!

Emergency vehicles have been sent to control the fires that are raging and burning the city.

A dangerous monster is on the loose in the streets of LANKA.

Tourist are asked not to panic and residents are to report all sightings of the monster to the police.

The Royal family is safe in the Palace.



Well that’s it for Beauty Part 2 Flight From the SINGH’S JAW. Those who haven't been to Asia or aren’t a fan of thai lager will be curious to know that a Singh is an ancient Indian vedic name meaning "lion" (Asiatic lion).

Ravana gives the name Dandelion to describe Sita. The plant we call in the West Dandelion (proper genus name Taraxacum) comes form the french dent-de-lion, meaning "lion's tooth”. 

Hence the double meaning of the title-Escape from the Lions (Singh’s) (jaw full of) teeth or Sita and Hanuman (nee Ravana’s Dandelion) flees Ravana’s Palace.

Though not wholly relevant the current flag of Sri Lanka (where Ravana’s Palace is said to be situated) depicts a golden Lion/Singh holding a sword as it central emblem.

Smart hey?

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Hanuman is missing presumed dead, Kishkindha is empty of life and Sita remains at King Ravana’s Palace on Lanka.

But hope is not lost… to be continued in BRIDGE ISSUE 1