Beauty and Hanuyana Story Structure

Now that Beauty Part 2 is coming to an end I feel that it is Important to recap the story structure and understand why I broke up Book 4 into two halves.

In Valimiki's Ramayana Book 4 is told in its entirety moving in one swoop from the jungles of Kishkindha to the Palace of Lanka, telling the story of the Vanara's search and Sita's discovery. It's the largest part of the Valimikis story and in the process many versions lose track of the number of character introduced and locations covered. So I thought it was helpful to the reader to break the fourth book using the Hanuman sub story where Rama nor Sita appears at all, as the white Vanara navigates the ocean as a means of shifting the tone and focus of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. In part 1 'In pursuit of Janaki' the hordes of Vanara directed by Rama and Laksman  are searching all four corners of Ayodhya for Sita whilst Sita is indoctrinated into life in Ravana's Palace, so once Hanuman arrives in Lanka, having established that Sita is present on the southern island in Part 2 'Flight From Singhs Jaws'. Sita with the help of Hanuman instigates her escape ending in tragic circumstances for our Vanara hero.

This structure also helped me divide these 12 issues (14 if you include Hanuyana) without creating fatigue and boredom on my my part and making the whole project achievable. A similar method will be used in the final act of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. You have been warned.