28. Guidance from the Throne

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RAVANA hears of the threat from the Vanara - thinking that they are a mere nuisance and drain on his Kingdom of endless wealth.

He learns of Rama and the Vanara beliefs in the myths of the revered ancient Warrior that will come to end his family’s rein over all people in Ayodhya.

HE IS NOT A HAPPY MONARCH and will take it out on the creature chained before him. After all he is all powerful and what could possibly happen?

This book gets more and more thrilling with every hanger!! Hanuman transformed ???!!! What’s going on? Well you are going to have to wait. But I don’t think he's going to be very happy.

There’s a very impressive poster I painted which I created especially for this Book illustrating Hanuman’s frightening powers.

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The beast that was once called Hanuman has broken his chains and is loose in the streets of Lanka City. And Sita is left in the Palace by herself among the panicking Raksasa as all chaos breaks loose in…Sacrifice for the National Interest.