What I prescribe for the Doctor

Departing Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who © BBC

Departing Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who © BBC

And here we are again, it's been four year since the BBC's ever eternal time lord Doctor Who regenerated into the well regarded Scottish Actor Peter Capaldi.

The newspapers online and off are in their redundant speculation of who the 13th Actor (14th if you count the War Doctor the late John Hurt) with the demands of Female and/or Black actor, which I agree on by-the-way but as I'd discuss is missing the point.

Whilst Peter Capaldi's tenure has been good (if not electric) the choice and depth of stories have been disappointing whilst Mr Capaldi ca nee relied on to add weight and urgency to Steven Moffat and Co the stories have become very derivative, similar plot point retreaded for effect with little resolution only for the time lord to jump into the Tardis an look heroic as it flies off to thhe next adventure against the Cybermen or Daleks. 

The opportunity does not exclusively lie recasting the lead not something that does not resemble another white middle aged (British) male but also the chance to deepen the pool of writers and creators away away though White middle aged British males that since 1963 have rarely allowed allowed anyone of colour and only a few times of gender to play with their toys in Cardiff where the new series is made.

There is a chance and opportunity under Chris Chibnal, the new head writer and executive producer and who will be given the authority if casting the new time lord be they non-white and/or female to commission and develop stories from more diverse pool of scripting talent.