Bridge Story and Structure Layout.

As my this version of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance comes to a close it's time to share with you how I tackled the immense and complicated epic that is Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. Unlike the first time I tried to create an interpretation in which I added page for every twist and turn of the story as I came across it - even though I annotated a copy of John and Mary Brockington's Ramayana, I still managed to create over 5000 pages of comic that - though interesting left no help to the uninitiated the work could become incoherent for those unfamiliar with Rama and Sita's story.

Going back to the drawing board back in 2015 and having purchased a Mind Mapping program called Mindnode for a research project at an art gallery I set out to break down my epic and looking at specific books (in this case Book 5 Bridge) plotted out the story, first breaking down the individual issues (6 in the case of Book 5) and determining the number pages per issue (24 for the first 5 and 32 for the finale) is was then able to further break it down into groups of 8 (beginning middle and end) the program enabled me to create connections of either objects, situations and characters that referred to another Ramayana or my own interpretation.

It made accomplishing the task a lot easier for some one who is better an visualising the structure of the epic Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance