24. Discipline of Seniority Released! Book 4 Beauty Issue 1 Discipline of Seniority

Ramayana The Thread of Luminace Beauty Part 2 Issue 1.png

I'm pleased in bringing this the first issue of 2017 and the 24th in the epic that is Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. Thanks to all my patrons in bringing this positive start to 2017.


Sita makes a break for it and runs right into the silver furred Hanuman. Fortunately for him he is looking for a way out and he’s found exactly the right person to help him.

And Sita is just pleased seeing someone other than a member of King Ravana's Palace. 

An exciting start to the second part of Book 4. It’s the longest part of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance and during these six issues the narrative shifts away from finding Rama’s and Laksman's friend, Sita and moving the story into darker territory as you, dear reader, find out about more about Ravana’s dark intentions.

24/50 - just look at it that means the next issue completed and released will be kinda special.

I’d like to thank my amazing patrons in helping me bring Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance into 2017; they are listed below:

Freedom is within the grasp of our heroes. Surely nothing can stop a team-up between Sita and the Vanara, Hanuman. But first they must escape through the many corridors of the Palace which are under constant surveillance from a familiar foe in Dangers from the Desires of the Heart