25. Dangers from the Desires of the Heart



Sita and Hanuman recount the time they all met back in Serica, and she finds out what Raman and Laksman have been up to. 

They’ve got plenty of mess to clean up as they continue to search for an exit.

With all those priceless artworks and artefacts lying about Lanka Palace someone is bound to be watching and their movements are noticed by someone malevolent and evil.


A momentous event has been reached with this Issue as I have completed and released 25 issues of my intended 50 - that's right I am half way through my interpretation of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance!

So far you my readers have met the heroic RAMA, faithful LAKSMAN, the beautiful SITA and the loyal HANUMAN along with their family and fellow Vanara as well as the evil RAKSASA ROYAL FAMILY headed by KING RAVANA.

I hope to bring you the remaining the 25 issues during this year.

I’d like to say a big thank you to ALL my patrons in supporting me bringing out these issues. They are listed here:


Cornered in the ASOKE GROVE by Indrijit’s special guard Hanuman and Sita must use their wits if they are going to survive in Essence of Stately Ideals