16.Adherence to the Prevailing Orthodoxy


Riches that you can not begin to imagine, priceless paintings on every wall from the greatest masters across the world, the finest silk furnishings, the rarest teak paneling framing unseen carvings and sculptures from most farthest parts of Kishkindha, adorned with fresh flowers gathered from the tops of mountains delivered daily to mention limitless and finest food from every part of Ayodhya.

All hidden behind the fortified barricades of Ravana’s Palace.

Making it the Perfect Prison for Sita.


Welcome to the Start of the first part of Book 4: Beauty. A brief note on the Books subtitle “The Search for Janaki” Janaki is another name for Sita, derived from her father’s name: (in the original source material) King Janka.

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Ravana attempts to get to know Sita more and convince her to consent to marriage. Whilst Rama, lLaksman and the Vanara prepare themselves to begin their long search for Sita in… “Devotion to the Pro Patria”