15.Expedition to Overcome Opposition



Valin sits in the centre of the the crumbling temples of KISHKINDHA. The Forest and vines shallow up the ancient carvings of the achievements of the Vanaras.

Rama and Laksman are making the journey to the northern regions of Ayodhya to seek an alliance in seeking his friend Sita. It will not easy Sugriva and Hanuman have been banished and threaten with death upon return.

and Valin is not in a good mood


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That’s what I call cliff hanger! Sugriva can’t possibly win against his enraged brother, can he? I hope you enjoyed the finale of the Book 3 KISHKINDHA and introduction of the world of the Vanara and their home. Here’s a list of my generous patrons that have supported this and all previous issues of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance:

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Nothing is radiant so magnificent than the Kings new princess.

The Palace is a buzz with activity preparing for there new mistress. Every whim must be fulfilled. 24 hours and day 7 days a week Her safety is guaranteed, provided as it is by the elite of the Police and Army. nothing is more important than Sita’s happiness

Just as long she doesn’t attempt to leave… in