Did no one get the postcard? No? 

After journeying the entire length if Ayodhya to return to a heroes welcome. the Kishkindha temples - the greatest monument of ancient civilisation in the world, is deserted?

Where is everyone? What’s with all these televisions scattered about the ruins, What has Sugriva being doing in his brothers absence?

Valin will not be happy.


Dramatic end to the fifth issue of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance Kishkindha Issue 5, as Rama reminds us of his power to suspicious Vanara leader.

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With Sugriva and Hanuman convinced that Rama has the power of the ancient warriors leading them back to temples of Kishkindha all Rama and Laksman have to do is convince the true Leader of the VANARA to help them in their search for Sita?

It’s not going to easy, as we learn that the old Vanara hero isn’t such a good guy.