13. Clash  of  Values


Valin the greatest modern Vanara ever.

His achievements stand side by side with the greatest ancient warrior of the Vanara’s.

Rama and Laksman in the relative safety and comfort of Sugriva apartment listen to the story of GADA of LIGHT an important event in the history of Ayodhya.

We travel back in time and witness his triumph and downfall over the match that will for moment elevate the poor and destitute Vanara to world fame.

Not everybody is happy


I should put a warning on the cover. So much action and suspense!

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We learn from Hanuman and Sugriva what happened when Valin returns to the his ancestral throne in KISHKINDHA and learn why Sugriva and Hanuman is holed up in his apartment in Serica. Rama convinces Sugriva that he can convince Sugriva to journey with him with a demonstrated of his powers in