11. El Mono Blanco


You dear reader have found yourself in the domain of the great and powerful WHITE VANARA.

A Vanara that has been disobeying city by law and running riot in Serica. Police seek him, some believe him to be just a terrible legend.

But Rama and Laksman are trapped in the abandoned tower with this bull of a Vanara.

and there is NO ESCAPE


(back interior cover):

Welcome to the addition of Hanuman, one of the most popular and iconic characters in Asia. You will find many depictions of the Vanara in many many artworks and mural and NOW I have happy to depict him in the pages of Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance, he had a brief cameo in Book 1 Issue 2 (that seems a long time ago huh?)

Again this been made possible by my contributors and patrons whom are listed blow.

Next Issue:

One is not enough, after escaping (again) from the authorises, Rama and Laksman are taken to the Boss of the Vanara in the vain hope of enlisting more help in their search for their fellow student in …issue 3