9. A Terminal Illustration Of Love


Its fur glistens in the street lights, old and radiant as the sun, as it stands before our heroes.

After hearing about the death of there father Rama and Laksman are in a state of shock. Having caught up with their friend Sita, outside the central city library, they are all surprised to see this example of wildlife amongst the traffic and noise of the metropolis.

It's a trap isn't it?


As Book 2; Forest draws to a close it seems that that our heroine is in a lot of trouble as she is dragged off to who knows where and Rama and Laksman are left with an ominous task of capturing a golden deer.

I hope your appetites are wetted for the next Book in the epic that is Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance.

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Rama and Laksman take to the streets of Ayodha, a country of 70 million souls, to find their friend. Who has taken her and to where? They are going to need some help, but from whom? After all they are not going to just stumble upon anyone. Right? in … BOOK 3 Issue 1