10. A Darkening Of Hope


Oh where, Oh where has Sita been taken to?

Now starts the search for Rama and Laksman’s friend. 70 million souls populate the country of Ayodhya. Covering 514,220 square kilometres. Without any money the two brothers start their investigation in the throng of shoppers.

But first a small matter of a wild Deer…


(back interior cover):

Welcome to the first instalment of KISHKINDHA, the third book in the Epic Ramayana: The Thread of Luminance. This has been made possible by the continued support of my patrons listed below.

Next Issue:

Rama and Laksman confront the Vanara Hanuman in his domain. Was it him who was at the demonstration earlier and who saved Sita and can he be convinced to join in the search for their friend in…issue 2?