8. Heirs and Assigns



Rama and Laksman can’t seem to catch a break.

Kaikeyi and brother-in-law Bharata deal with Dasaratha's untimely death and find out about his wealth and who is inline to inherit the fortune of Ashwin Pharma.

Alone and homelessness in the city, after escaping police custody (and their mother-in-law, Kaikeyi), the brothers seek their only solace - FOOD!

But what’s that? A MONSTER? On the streets of Serica?


Thank you again to many wonderful Patrons in helping bring this issue with some of the most iconic scenes of The Ramayana to life. The Golden Deer is one of the best loved moments of the story and the start of events that will change the situation of the characters in this epic.

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A Golden Deer on the streets of SERICA? Can you believe it? Sita can’t, but there it is standing in plan sight? Nothing can go wrong? It's a trap you say? What could could wrong? Find out in the last part of Book 2; Forest in…issue 5